Players form teams – 2 or 3 players is recommended.

Players tee-off in the first third of the first tile (as agreed by players)

Players play until the ball is in the hole, each strike of the putter is one point. Seven is the recommended maximum score (players can decide this themselves)

If the ball is resting near bumpers or obstacles, move the ball by hand up to 8 inches so that the ball can be played (players can decide how much ball can be moved)

If the ball cannot be played because it has not exited an obstacle, tip it slightly with the putter so it comes out of the obstacle and then it can be played

Players must not hit the obstacles with the putters. The ball should be away from the obstacle before it is hit with the putter.

If a ball goes out of play on your first hit it can be played again from the start, otherwise it can be played from where you have taken the shot.